Frequently asked questions for Freedom Elite Philadelphia yacht charters

Freedom Elite FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you cruise aboard a Freedom Elite Yacht Charter in Philadelphia, let us answer some important frequently asked questions for you!

Is Freedom Elite wheelchair accessible?

  • Our crew is happy to aide passengers that need assistance. For individuals needing boarding assistance or wheelchair accessibility, please contact us at 888-741-0280 or your account manager to ensure that there is accessible seating available on your cruise date.


What do we tell our vendors about delivery?

  • The delivery time must be coordinated between your Coordinator and the vendor directly to ensure safe and timely delivery as the boat is not always at the dock.  


Is our deposit refundable?

  • Freedom Elite is designed to provide our guests with a customized, luxury experience. As a result of our limited capacity and high demand, events aboard our vessels are non-refundable.


Can we bring our own decorations?

  • Yes, but there are a few restrictions; you must have a private deck charter; no glitter, confetti or open flames are allowed. Votives and candles are allowed as long as the glass or container exceeds the height of the flame. You are more than welcome to bring your own flowers or purchase centerpieces through your event planner. All decorations must be removed immediately following the event. Any decorations left behind after the event will be discarded. While we are happy to help set up any simple decorations, excessive set up is subject to a fee.  


What happens if there is bad weather?

  • Our ships were built for cruising on the Delaware River. Rain does not affect our cruising schedule; however, high winds may have an effect. The rain location of the ceremony will be on the dining deck dance floor.  


Can we bring our own alcohol/liquor or food onboard?

  • No, as a condition of our liquor license and the Board of Health, we cannot permit any outside alcohol or food to be brought onboard and consumed. The exception would be a wedding cake since it is being delivered by a licensed bakery. 


Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

  • Please check our menu for our vegetarian options. While we offer gluten and allergy free products and gluten sensitive menu items, we openly handle several allergens throughout our galleys. While we take precautions to keep ingredients separate, we cannot guarantee a gluten free environment. We do not have separate prep surfaces, cook tops or equipment. Our chef prepare and cook in common areas with shared equipment, therefore the items may come in contact with other food products. If you have any other special dietary concerns, please contact your event planner or guest services at 888-741-0280.


Will my guests get seasick?

  • Seasickness is very uncommon on our vessels since they were built for this type of cruising.  


Do you work with any hotels in the area for out of town guests?

  • We do work with many hotels in the area and will provide you with a list of options. They do offer great incentives for our guests.  


What if we have additional guests show up the day of our event?

  • If more guests show up than anticipated, we will allow them onboard provided there is availability. If guests are added at the pier, they are not subject to any previous discounts given to your group and must pay in full at the ticket booth prior to boarding with a credit or debit card only. The final guest count and balance are due one month prior to the event date.  


Do professional vendors need to pay for tickets?

  • Entertainment Cruises will provide tickets for up to four vendors of your choice depending on the size of the event. More than four would need to be included in your passenger count and paid by you.  


How does the boarding process work?

  • Tickets are an essential part of our boarding process. Every guest must have a ticket in order to board our vessels. Tickets can be picked up at the ticket booth the day of the event by a designated member of your group to be handed out. Tickets may be printed and given to you prior to the event, however, a ticket release form must be signed and lost tickets must be repurchased at the full rate. A registration table can be made available for your party where tickets to board can be distributed.  


How does the entertainment work?

  • Our house sound system/satellite radio is included with your charter fee. A DJ provided by Spirit Cruises is available for an additional fee, or you are welcome to bring your own DJ who will need to provide his own equipment.


Can some of our group pre-board?

  • It is based on the availability of the ship.