Chicago Elite Wedding Packages

Chicago Wedding Packages aboard Elite Private Yachts

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All weddings include: A chartered event aboard your own private yacht | Choice of custom menus and beverage packages | Sophisticated table settings that include standard linens, glass and flatware | Private bridal party suite on board | Light background music | Professional ceremony coordinator | Floral centerpieces | Votive candles | Add DJ entertainment: Starting at $250 (inclusive). 

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  • Saturday Lunch

    First two hours: $3,500
    Each additional hour: $1,400

    Sunday Lunch

    First two hours: $2,300
    Each additional hour: $1,000

    Friday - Saturday Dinner

    First three hours: $4,900
    Each additional hour: $1,500

    Sunday Dinner

    First two hours: $2,800
    Each additional hour: $1,100


    Lunch Options

    Lunch Buffet$71.69
    Lunch Plated: $81.00

    Cocktail Options

    Skyline Cocktail Menu$71.69

    Dinner Options

    Dinner Buffet: $100.95
    Dinner Plated: $114.25
    Lakefront Menu
    : $114.25

    View Menus for Each Option

  • Beer & Wine Package

    Includes juice & soda variety of domestic bottled beers and fine house wines
    Two hours: $31.92
    Three hours: $45.22
    Four hours: $55.86
    Each additional hour: $13.30

    Premium Package

    Includes the Beer & Wine Package, plus a variety of liquors and cordials
    Two hours: $42.56
    Three hours: $54.53
    Four hours: $63.84
    Each additional hour: $14.63

    Platinum Package

    Includes the Premium Package, plus top-shelf liquors and cordials.
    Two hours: $51.87
    Three hours: $67.83
    Four hours: $79.80
    Each additional hour: $14.63

    View List of Beverages for Each Option

All prices include taxes and fees and are subject to change.